Our Mission

    The Satellite Project is a digital media platform that exists to connect young adults within the local church. Early adulthood is a time in life when individuals are being pulled in multiple directions. While some may be attending classes or beginning new jobs, others may be living alone for the first time, or maybe getting married and starting a family. The fast pace at which young adults are living life, and the drastic changes that take place in the early twenties, make creating a consistent, accountable community within this age group extremely difficult. Young adults are at risk of becoming disengaged with the church and may struggle to find fellowship. By providing a central platform where young adults can find Christ, The Satellite Project hopes to create a place where they can go to be a part of a loving and united community.


    Unfortunately, the modern church is losing sight of what it means to be a disciple of Christ. It’s incredibly easy to be distracted by the world around us. Media is constantly at our fingertips, and too often we’re filling our minds with the things of this world — things that may entertain, but don’t fulfill or move forward the Kingdom of God. We can often default into attending church on Sundays and living life with good intentions, forgetting that being a disciple of Christ is a never ending task that should be on the forefront of our minds. By providing life-giving, Christ-centered content 24/7 and connecting young adults with small groups or church-organized communities, the Satellite Project can encourage individuals to grow in their faith, and assist them in fulfilling Christ’s mission for their lives.


    Think of the church as a well full of water, and the water is eternal life through Christ. As the church, we can stand around that well and never go thirsty, but what about those who don’t know of the well? Our mission as Christians is to take that water and spread it to those who need it. The Satellite Project is a tool that makes getting that water to others easier, and it provides quick and safe passage to the well.


    Technology can easily be used for evil or good. It’s a powerful presence in our lives, and has integrated itself into the daily habits of young adults. It has the power to connect a community that has become so disconnected from the church. The Satellite Project isn’t intended to be part of a specific church, but rather something that connects the church. Us. Individuals who make up the body of Christ. We’re all called to be the body — to serve one another and spread the gospel. Let’s stop straying far away from one another and competing amongst each other as churches. Through the Satellite Project, we can achieve unity through quality media created and produced by young adults who have a heart for Christ.